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  1. Book Review – Ashenden or The British Agent by W. Somerset Maugham


    19 July 2017 by victoriaknowe

    A review of a recently read book by one of my favourite authors

  2. Flash fiction – Looking for trouble


    17 May 2017 by victoriaknowe

    Flash fiction – A situation at school leads to an attempted warning

  3. Short Fiction – Not from around here


    15 May 2017 by victoriaknowe

    Two strangers meet near a tourist stand, but one of them isn’t what she’s pretending to be.

  4. Short fiction – The Fallen Witness


    11 May 2017 by victoriaknowe

    Short fiction: A young detective interviews a girl who has information about a crime.

  5. Flash Fiction – The Pigeon

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    7 April 2017 by victoriaknowe

    For those who have been following the recent posts, you may remember me mentioning that I might share some of my …
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