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  1. Steps forward

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    8 May 2017 by victoriaknowe

    An update on the situation with my foot and some musing about how expectations change our perspective on things.

  2. Musical haze


    4 April 2017 by victoriaknowe

    Watching live music is a fairly frequent element of my life in Graz. But as with everything, concert-going becomes a little more …
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  3. Getting around


    2 April 2017 by victoriaknowe

    “You certainly get around” was a recent comment from an acquaintance. Choosing to take it as a compliment, I agreed heartily and …
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  4. Silver Linings

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    20 March 2017 by victoriaknowe

    Every cloud has a silver lining… So the expression goes. It’s a funny thing when you think about it literally. …
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  5. The Return

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    19 March 2017 by victoriaknowe

    Greetings from a returning journalist, checking in after a substantial pause. What’s a couple of years between friends? Of course, the relationship between a soon-to-be revered authoress and her adoring fans is not the same as a friendship, but I feel that forgiveness for a long period of silence could still be an option.

  6. A Job-Centre Reject


    7 June 2014 by victoriaknowe

    I recently left what most unemployed people might call a perfectly good job. Because I’m lazy? No! (maybe), but the …
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