The Return

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19 March 2017 by victoriaknowe

Back from a black hole
Greetings from a returning journalist, checking in after a substantial pause. What’s a couple of years between friends? Of course, the relationship between a soon-to-be revered authoress and her adoring fans is not the same as a friendship, but I feel that forgiveness for a long period of silence could still be an option.


Idyllic Austrian kangaroos

The time in Sweden is over and a new era in Austria (Yes, Austria in Europe. Not the one with the kangaroos, although plenty of people make that mistake.) began approximately a year and a half ago. Am I happy in my new situation? Extremely! Life in Graz is full of warmth, music and friends. It is the second city in Austria, but lacks the fame of Vienna, the mountains of Innsbruck and the musical associations that draw so many people to Salzburg. In other words, Graz has the best of everything. It is perfectly beautiful but lacks tourists; has a lovely climate but still experiences real seasons; has enough natives to be Austrian but a high enough proportion of students and immigrants to still feel young and fresh.

When it comes to work, I am splitting my time between translating Swedish to English, the occasional copywriting assignment and various teaching jobs. What luck to be a native speaker of the language that everyone wants to learn! And in a side note, how curious that there seem to be so many people who wish to learn Swedish. Competition for those teaching jobs is obviously less intense. Sometimes to pays to master a niche subject.

Sitting inside
Did I mention the climate? Summer is on the way and so it remains to ask why I’m sitting here in my room when the spring sun is shining outside my window.


Spot the difference


A freak accident is to blame. A collision of bikes led to a sprained ankle, my first ever hospital stay (for my first ever operation) and the subsequent immobilisation of my ankle in a rather snazzy plaster cast. I look forward to another 6 weeks of intimate association with my crutches. For an active person like me, it’s a hard thing to be confined to my room (I love my room, but still). I’ve found the best thing is not to think about it too much. Distraction is a beautiful thing.

A long-held but recently awakened passion for writing has taken centre stage in my life. I have been attempting both poetry (read some of my attempts here) and stories. As I don’t yet have a place to put the latter, my intention is to post some pieces of prose here. I make no guarantees about the quality or length. I am still learning my craft. As with any part of this blog – read at your own risk!


My wall of inspiration

I leave you with an earnest apology for the long silence, and a promise to try to make amends. If I want to be a writer it follows that I should practise writing for others’ eyes, hence the rediscovery of this online notepad. More scribble to follow shortly.



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