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25 May 2014 by victoriaknowe

For those who follow, with the greatest attention and avidity, the chronicling of a life of Victoria: Now is a time of jubilation and of jumping for joy. Now there is no more need to beg plead and petition your case to be put on the exceedingly exclusive emailing list (unknown expect to those chosen few). Now all one needs is a browser and a web address. In fact not even the latter if, as many of us, you are a friend of Google.

Here you will find, well just at the moment not very much, since this is a new-born  project – although mature in its conception. I find myself fast approaching the third anniversary of my arrival in Sweden. Those three years have been life-changing in many ways. I became a master, mastered a language, lost a parent, found a job and resigned again within a few months. Flighty? I prefer to think of it as self-preserving. Having flitted my way through a string of housing options and alit on what might be the best of them, a new era begins. I am smiling gladly as I test my depths in the sea of self-employment, and attempt to find the floor before my savings do.

Hopefully the coming months will see the building of a collection, an assembly, an amalgamation of moments, musings and possibly soul-pourings. Complete with photographic evidence; just as soon as I learn how to properly use the vast array of editing tools available to me…

Any spelling or punctuation miståkes? Blame this Swedish keyböärd.


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